Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pool fun with grandma!

Okay, now I REALLY want a pool , more now than ever before. We are livin the good life here in Florida. Mike and Chase are at Universal Studios today, and the girls went to Paula's sister's house to swim. It was pretty cloudy, so we didn't improve our tan lines, but we had fun anyway!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique

WONDERFUL world of Disney!

WHEW!!!!! is all I can say today, after spending 12 hours at Disney World yesterday! It really is an awesome place. I grew up in California, so was priveledged to visit Disneyland a few times, and also went to disneyworld here when I was about Chase's age. I'm so glad the kids could experience it for themselves. Just the castle is magical - it turns different colors at night, and they have an AWESOME parade at night - it's a light spectacular! It was cool to go on It's a Small World with the kids, knowing I went on the same adventure when I was little....here's a few pics of many taken yesterday. Oh, and today was THE day, that Brooke became a princess. LOVED it - she also met Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty and Alice one on one in a private viewing room- cool!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Florida Fun

Well, Florida is a blast. It is saturday and we are taking the day off from sight seeing, whew. We went to downtown Disney thursday and shopped at Lego world, Princess store and Goofy's candy shop. We also rented a boat and took it our for 45 minutes (we did this last yr too!) the kids took turns driving it. FUN!! I think that;s my favorite thing so far. If we ever win the lottery, we are buying one! Then we went to this cool place called Wonder World. Kinda a cross between the science center and magic house. Cool. Yesterday we drove to Clearwater beach (sorry we didn't hook up with you guys Kelli) For some reason, I thought you guys were gone home already. We got Lees message at 4pm as we drove out of town. We were hot and TIRED after a fun day of being on the beach. We got down there at about 10:15 and got a good parking spot, thanks for the tip. After a few hrs on the beach we went to Ports pizza, YUM! Mike and i got a pitcher of beer too! Then we headed down to the pier. After that we were done!! Next yr maybe. It would've been awesome to see you all and maybe take a rest inside to make it longer down there, but oh well. You sure have been livin the good life (to use Chase's words) down there!! Tomorrow we will hit Disneyworld!! Julie, thanks for keepin an eye on things back home! Miss everyone. Really enjoying our time with mike's dad and Paula!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We made it!!!

Well, I did it.....I survived the plane ride and we are here in Florida now! Thank God for Xanax!! I was sooooo calm and actually ENJOYED the flight. The kids did great too. Brooke sat next to the window and Loved looking out at the clouds. Chase was in the middle seat and we gripped hands on take off and landing. They got their "wings" from the flight attendants, who, by the way were very nice and talked to the kids a lot. Mike did great too thanks to his Bloody Mary at 8am!! The male flight attendant looked like Hugh Grant, but was pretty fruity if ya know what I mean. We are at Mike's dads house which is beautiful. We just took naps.....gotta love a good nap after a stressful am. Chase gets his own room with a queen sized bed and tv. He is soooooo excited. Well, goodbye for now.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So, we install our new printer, and life was good for the evening! The next am we go to log onto our computer and can't, but Chase can get onto his. We have different log ons for parental control. Well, my brother-in -law was great and helped us figure out the problem.....only when we logged back in, it was like we got a brand new computer......EVERYTHING WAS GONE, pictures, music, email...................sigh................sigh again. I have several disks with backup on them, but of course that doesn't happen smoothly. I have been able to recover some things, but very randomly. I have some pics, in all different places, but am missing Christmas and others. Just found my Easter pics somewhere random tonight. Plus the computer has shut off about 9 times in the past 30minutes..............I think I have to go to bed now.

Friday, July 18, 2008

All is how it should be...again

I should have logged exactly how many hours I wasted on trying to fix our old printer. I loved that printer, but after scanning a trillion pictures, something went wacky with the software and driver......I think. I called Gateway, HP, purchased new software for it, bought a new usb cable, tried to erase and re-download, but NO LUCK. We have been without a printer since April. Crazy how much you really need and rely on one. Well, we bit the bullet and are now the PROUD new owners of a Cannon printer. I loved HP, but didn't want to go there, fearing the software would be too similiar and give us the same problem. So, all is how it should be, again at the Rogers household, at least as far as the printer goes:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My baseball star

Yesterday marked the end of another summer of ball for Chase. This year was interesting. It rained almost everytime we had practice or a game scheduled. We also played on a new team this yr. We were with the same team before for 3 years and really got to know the boys and had a great team. This yr.'s team had a lot of "first timers" on it Which is hard to believe, since most kids start t-ball or something at age 4, around here!! The coaches were very "green' too, but, all in all, we had fun. Chase made some new friends and sharpened his ball skills even more. Man, can he through the ball far and Hit the heck out of it!!!! Not to brag.....but he is my cutie and I'm a proud mom. Mike loves to see him get into it too since he grew up playing and was on the HS team and got scholarships to college with baseball. I spent many a day sitting on bleachers, cheering him on since HS. It would be awesome to see Chase love it as much as Mike did and does.....we'll see. Right now the important thing is having fun, and I can see a big boost in Chase's confidence after a successful game!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Putt-Putt fun!

Today, the kids and I went to play putt-putt with Grandama. We did this last year with her too, and had a blast. The place we go to is really pretty, with flowers and waterfalls. The weather was great too. My mom even got 2 holes in one!!! After golf the kids and I went on the go karts!! Fun times!! Then they went inside the place and played arcade games.....whew....very fun though!! Congrats to my dad who was playing REAL golf today and shot a 87!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is an apology to our neighbor, Cory. We always give him sooooo much trouble for his obsession with Craig's list............well, we posted a few things of our own today, and it's like Christmas or being away at war and getting mail. We've already sold 3 of the things in just a few hours!! How exciting.....what else don't we use, that we can sell???!!! NOW we see what the obsession is all about.....Sorry Cory!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stop the world, I wanna get off

Mike and I are taking the kids to Florida for vacation in a week and a half!! We are soooo excited. Mike has been giving us the countdown for the past month now. He works sooo hard out in the heat all day, usually without eating anything till he gets home. (I don't know how he does it). Anyway, we have been trying to save up for spend money on the trip, by just watching what we spend our money on. I tell you what, you can spend so much money everyday on nothing!!!! Today, I ran by the grocery store - we live there now, because we are trying to be really good about not eating out- seems like we go every few days and it's nothing to drop 50+ bucks. Then the gas tank needs filling. I REFUSE to put more than 25.00 in at a time, so we are at the pump often too. Then there's prescriptions to fill, toiletries to buy.....the grass needs watered =$$, the AC runs all day, even though it's set at 78' and is warm in the house. Don't forget the other bills that need mailed........sooooo much money going out and I haven't even gotten anything exciting!! I know, I know, we are all there, but it does help to write it out. Days like these, I long for heaven. No worries, bills, grocery shopping......Well, Florida will have to do for now.....can't wait to get away and leave it all behind , even if it's just for a week:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

NO WAY!!!!!!!

A few posts ago I wrote about Spanky and his prescription. I just got back from Walgreens, it took me a week to get up my nerve to drop it off. Well.......my biggest fear came true. the script will be 240.00 are you KIDDING ME???? I love my dog with all my heart, but I'm sorry, I will not be getting that filled. There MUST be a different answer to his problem. I gave him his medicated shampoo for his feet when i got home, and will call the vet on Monday for a new plan of action. Just a side note. I picked up my script for myself at the same time. It was $2.39. Enoungh said.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

holes and openings

This post is for my friends and neighbors, Julie and Cory. Enjoy!!!:)

Firework Fun!

Mike buys a big bag of fireworks to set off on our driveway every year. He says he gets them for the kids to enjoy.......I guess he is my oldest child:) We actually still had a lot leftover from last year, so Mike took the kids out 2 evenings ago before bed and they had a great time. I like to just watch them smile, laugh and experience something new in life!! Happy 4th to everyone!

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