Tuesday, October 28, 2008

celebrity encounters

We've had a FULL past few weeks.....Chase had his parent teacher conferences (we are SOOO proud of him....all A's and a B) along with his school book fair. Brooke's school had its annual Fall festival, fun times. Mike and I actually went on a date over the weekend, while the kids had a blast at our church playing games, crafts, movies, snacks. It was a parents night out!! The sad thing is we were done by 8;30 and went to get the kids and THEY weren't ready to go! We had a nice dinner at a place where we could watch Mizzou kick Colorado's behind, then we just drove around looking at the sights. It was very relaxing. Brooke had dance friday and Chase had the day off from school. So while she was dancing Chase and I went to Walgreens to kill some time. Can you tell which "celebrity" he is??? Then after dance we met Grandama Deemer and went to see High School Musical 3! It was really good. Brooke met some celebrities of her own at the theater (Chase was too cool to meet them with her).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today is my dad's 67th birthday! I have to tell you, that I have been blessed with the most caring, compassionate, patient and insightful dad on the earth. My dad truly is a reflection of God's great love...in his EVERYDAY life!! He offers great advice, support and direction to people around him daily. Not just to his family and friends, but to complete strangers that may call upon him for his expertise in business. Dad, I hope these things for you, today, on your birthday...-that you feel the love from us, like you've given so freely all your life.

- that you can look back on your 67 years of life thus far, and feel a GREAT sense of accomplishment, knowing you've impacted soooooo many lives around you.

- that the years ahead will be filled with good health, love, and yes, lots of GOLF!!

-that the RAMS win today, in honor of your birthday!!

I love you dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag.....I'm it!!

Okay, my dear friend Kelli tagged me, so here goes....

7 random facts about me:

1. I can do impressions too!!! Just like Kelli (boy, you think you know someone) My best is Harry Carry and it's probably not even that good, but I have fun. I was always the person who made everyone laugh in my family. I can also do Bob Dylan ( Mike says it's a far stretch though). Does anyone remember Jabber Jaw?? Yep, i can imitate him as well as Droopy. I am really dating myself. For you youngins out there, they were cartoon characters from my day.

2. If I ever come into money I want to buy some land and have a horse!!! I love animals, but didn't marry much of an animal lover! I am already feeling the need for another doggie, but Mike's not there yet.

3. I went to Mizzou and got a Bacheloers degree in Hotel and Restraunt management. I worked for the Marriott for a few years as a food a beverage supervisor, over 2 restraunts, a bar, the patio bars in the summer, and room service. I also had to hire and fire dishwashers, wait staff etc.

4. I love to play tennis, though don't play much these days. I was on the girls tennis team in HS and was co-captain. I played on the doubles team. I also played for Forest hills country club's interclub, which means we traveled to clubs around town, playing their members. Fun times. We use to live and breathe tennis!!

5. I used to LOVE heavy metal in HS and college. My first concert was Def Leopard! My friend Susie used to date a lead singer in a band called Trash Bich and we were their "groupies" i guess. We heard them play a lot.

6. I am 40 and in menopause already.......fun times....not!!

7. I would LOVE to live near a body of water. Even Lake St. Louis would do. I would also love to have a pool. Unless said money as stated in fact #2 ever enters my pockets, then the creek that runs behind our house when it rains will have to do for now!

There you have it! Now I tag
Oh, wait I'm supposed to tag 7 people......uh.....3 of them are already tagged. Besides Tim that's all of my bloggin friends.......so you silent readers out there.....(A. Elaine, Frank, Paula, Kathy, Dad) get to it and comment YOUR 7 random facts!:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Any Ideas??

This year we are vowing to keep the holidays SIMPLE . I want to have the kids make home-made gifts for the grandparents and teachers instead of spending a trillion dollars on stuff. We all have so much stuff already, it's crazy. I also told the kids to expect ONE gift from mom and dad and Santa. I told my parents and will tell the other grandparents (listen up Frank and Paula:)) to only get ONE thing for the kids also. The way the economy is, it's even more reason to stick to this simplicity rule this year! So, does anyone have any fun ideas for home- made gifts??? Let's have fun getting back to basics this holiday season. Take some homemade goodies as a hostess gift, or to your hairdresser etc this year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still missing

I've been thinking about Spanky a lot this past week. (No different than any other day) but even more than usual. You see I was sick last week and missed his comfort. I worked nights last week and missed his company while sleeping. We got a note from his vet's office, consoling us just yesterday, and Jo from the humane society lit a candle in his name at a memorial service they had last monday for those pets who have passed. We had our first meeting of club Hope, a new club at Chase's school that I am co-leading. It is a partnership with the school district and the humane society of missouri. It's a very cool thing, that I am proud to be in charge of at Westridge. Anyway, after the meeting on thursday, Jo gave me the melted candle that she lit in Spanky's honor and a sweet note. On the way home from the mtg we had to drop off a backpack to a boy who forgot it at school. Guess what kind of dog he had..........yep, a bichon frise. It looked sooooo much like Spanky when he was young. Well, sorry for going on and on about my sweetie dog, I just am really feeling the loss of him this day. I miss him. Oh, yeah, I also went to pick up his ashes last week too, phew........thanks for reading and listening, it's just what's on my heart right now. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple of my eye

Today was a perfect, fall day to visit Eckerts Apple farm. We went with some friends from church. The day was filled with pumpkin launching, hayrides to pick apples in the orchards( man, there is nothin like picking an apple off of a tree and eating it right then and there!) pig races, goat feeding, corn mazes and Johnny on the spots! The latter, NOT being my favorite!! It really was good family time fun. There is a hill there, that you can see downtown ST. Louis and the arch.....pretty cool. Hope you are all able to enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather this year.

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